Prepackaged versions of Melanee for Windows, Linux and Mac can be downloaded from the download page. Unzip the file to your hard drive and start the Melanee executable. (There might be the warning that “Windows prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.” -> click “More info” and “Run anyway”. Select a workspace where the edited diagrams are placed. The distribution will only contain the core functionality of Melanee. The application will first show you the Welcome Page where helpful links are provided, e.g. Tutorials, Screencasts, Melanee at Github and about the Software Engineering Group of the University of Mannheim.


To add additional plugins like ATL, graphical and textual DSL, Reasoning or OCL go to “Help” -> “Install New Software” and select the mirror containing the feature you want to install. Mark the feature to install and finish the wizard. Don’t forget to accept the license agreement. Accept the security warning and restart Melanee to finish the installation. In case no features are shown in the list, try to check/uncheck the “Group items by category” check box at the bottom of the dialog.

Watch the whole interactive Tutorial: